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Many things are going on in Europa and Spain is no exception. The rest of Europa watches  Spain with increasing concern. Not always with good reasons. It is not right to throw all kinds of countries on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea together. For example, Spain is not Greece. In Spain people work hard to fight the economic depression. The central government in Spain takes many measures. In the autonomous regions things are more difficult.

Concerns, however, remain. Unemployment for young people is a major problem. For weeks, the central plazas were filled by “indignados”, the “indignants’: well-educated young people with no job prospects. Human capital is destroyed. The creditworthiness of Spain is under pressure. Politicians lack courage and decisiveness.

pleasant and practical handling laws and customs in Spain

Non-Spanish residents are confronted with a collapsed housing market, which by the way also counts for non-residents who can’t sell their house or only at a loss. Evictions are the order of the day. The possessions of the affected customers in their home country are seized by the mortgage banks. It looks like courts want to put a stop to this. Banks, however, will not easily reconcile themselves to this situation. In short, much is going on in Spain! Fortunately, it’s not just trouble and affliction in the country of the World Champion Soccer 2010

Spain still is one of the most popular countries in the world, thanks to its climate, people, nature and culture. Not only Europeans have discovered this, but most expats are Europeans!

we take care of your live at the costa del sol, od your housem boat and whatever what

In this new edition the many legislative changes are discussed, especially changes in traffic rules and treasury. The book’s introduction will mention them briefly. The separate chapters will discuss all important details. It is for example important to know that exceeding the speed limit will be fined 6 Euro per km and that the maximum permitted amount of alcohol in the driver’s blood may not exceed 30 milligram.

The alcohol tests are frequent and strict. This new edition of You and the Law in Spain will of course also, again, include a guide through this fascinating country with its sometimes incomprehensible customs and traditions. It will give you a good impression of how things work in the Spanish society. Compared to earlier editions this edition deviates more from the original manuscript of David Searl, You & the Law in Spain. It is much more tailored to the Dutch (and Belgian) holidaymakers and their specific questions and problems.

Halfway the book, this new edition will contain a couple of pithy pieces, 15 in total, under the chapter “What should you do?”. They contain practical advices and tips for problems in daily Spanish life.

This 3rd  edition of You and the Law in Spain will also be available as E-book, enabling you to take the book (with iPad or other ‘tablet’) with you when going to Spain.

If you wish to order the 3rd edition of this book, please check www.emigratieboek.nl and www.bol.com

For updates You and the Law in Spain 2011 – 2012see the PDF – file

You and the Law in Spain

The new 4th edition will be released mid October 2017 and will be available at various outlets in the Netherlands and Spain, such as Bol.com and Emigratieboek.nl
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