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  • Learn the language, Immerse, persevere and endure since within a country/s language lie also its culture, humour and history
  • Patience is a virtue. One expat told me the village Barista only greeted her by name after 11 years. Still, after that there is a good chance she would sacrifice a kidney for you. The manana mantle is only misleading in the way it suggests something will actually happen as soon as tomorrow.
  • Opening with ” So, what do you do ” is best avoided. Many expats wish to keep their pasts hidden, at best you may get a vague reply about ” bird-watching “. Tax is also taboo for simular reasons.
  • Any domestic employee should be at least 15 years older than you and your spouse, ideally with a few hygiene issues thrown in to avoid undue marital stress. Repeat after me , Thy shalt not covet thy gardener.
  • In a country where wine is cheaper than water, it may be advisable to curfew ” wine o’clock ” to past 6 o’clock-pm.
  • embrace the new. If your husband wants to try his hand as a flamenco dancer with slicked back hair and a rose between teeth, then support him.
  • When lauding the benefits of the mediterranean diat, nutritionists probably did not have deep-fat-fried calamari, chorizo and lashing aioli in mind.
  • We may live in the land of sun, but the cost of anti-wrinkle creams and botox is high, so wear sunscreen.
  • The aformentioned manana culture has one notable exception-driving. On the roads, the manana culture rules-so get as sturdy a car as your budget will allow and regularly check your brakes.
  • Finally, the most frequent advice is that guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. So limit visitors or you will soon be running a veritable hotel service

By following these simple rules you should soon be a bonafide expat, able to negotiate even the most intimidating civil servant at the local townhouse.

You and the Law in Spain

The new 4th edition will be released mid October 2017 and will be available at various outlets in the Netherlands and Spain, such as Bol.com and Emigratieboek.nl
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